LRSD Students Score Higher than Provincial Average on Diploma Exams

Livingstone Range School Division is pleased to report that students writing Diploma Exams and Provincial Achievement Tests in the Division are showing year-over-year improvement in exam scores. In five high school diploma exam courses, LRSD students scored higher than the provincial average.

Every year (or term) in Alberta, students in grades 6, 9 and 12 write standardized exams in the areas of mathematics, social studies, sciences and English/language arts.

The purpose of provincial achievement testing is to:

  • determine if students are learning what they are expected to learn
  • report to Albertans how well students have achieved provincial standards
  • assist schools, authorities and the province in monitoring and improving student learning

LRSD students achieved an average of 96% on English Language Arts 30-1, well above the provincial average of 87%. In English Language Arts 30-2, Mathematics 30-2, and Social Studies 30-1 & 30-2, LRSD students also performed above their fellow students across Alberta.

Grade 6 students performed well and improved in English Language Arts 6 and Social Studies 6, while Math 6 students maintained their acceptable standard from last year. Students in Grade 9 Science received a very high standard of excellence achievement.

Superintendent Darryl Seguin is pleased with the exam results but is mindful of the need to continue working toward improvement in student achievement.

“It’s good to see that LRSD students have achieved stronger performance at the acceptable standard than the provincial averages,” says Seguin. “Going forward, we have work to do in having our students achieve the standard of excellence at higher rates. LRSD divisional staff, school administrators and teachers will use these results to inform their practice throughout the year.”

Provincial achievement testing is a general barometer of student learning, and should be balanced alongside other important measures like teacher-assigned grades and reporting of student progress.

“As a Board of Trustees we receive and monitor the diploma results and are proud of our students in LRSD,” says Board of Trustee Chair Lori Hodges. “We continue to strive to see more of our students achieve the acceptable standard and higher.” 

For more information about provincial assessment or to access specific subject results, contact your local school administration or the Livingstone Range School Division office.